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What Our Audiences & Organizations Had to Say...(If you are interested in writing your personal review, please email it to (  " Ibrahim Miari personalizes growing up between two worlds in his insightful one-man show, In Between. His suitcase full of everyday yet symbolic memorabilia, including a giant hand puppet, gives us much to ponder about how life events impact each one of us and the choices we must make. Ibrahim's own story helps us see the importance of appreciating and dignifying the rainbow of diverse narratives and personalities of our neighbors nearby and around Earth. "~ Libby & Len Traubman   Co-founders: Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue
"Having read a few reviews of Ibrahim's show, I was already expecting an insightful, thought-provoking performance. What I was not so prepared for were the many moments of multicultural hilarity that had the entire audience laughing; the persistent professionalism and grace that Ibrahim exhibited; or the very clear passion that elevated his performance. "In Between" was a fantastic experience that deserves to be shared as widely as possible."~ Alexander Berg   Brown University'13
"We have brought Ibrahim to BIMA and Genesis for two summers, and both times we were incredibly pleased that we did. In Between is a high quality theatrical work that is rich in content and presents many thought-provoking issues. Our teen population has responded enthusiastically to the play each year, and we have used it as a springboard for important conversations about identity, belonging, cultural and religious conflict in Israel and in our own diverse Jewish community. Ibrahim brings his theatrical talent, as well as an ability to answer questions in an honest, thoughtful way. We hope to bring Ibrahim and In Between back to Brandeis for many years to come."~Rachel Happel, Director, BIMA at Brandeis University~Dvora Goodman, Director, Genesis at Brandeis University
"Ibrahim's "In Between" is educational, riveting and provoking. With deft and charm, he transcends todays political distractions and reminds us of the deeper inner struggles that link all of humanity."~Michelle Nhuch, Director of Public Programs Center for International Studies at MIT
"Ibrahim: what a fabulous, professional, moving, intelligent show! Everyone I talked to was impressed and hoped for this show to be seen more widely... I am deeply gratified that we were able to facilitate this show and provide you with an appreciative audience."~Michael Zank, Professor of Religious Studies, Department of Religion at Boston University  The Other Within   (
"Ibrahim, I wasn't sure going into this what to expect of the performance itself, but you really were brilliant. Yes, the story itself is utterly compelling, but apart from that, you showed such mastery of the genre, of timing, and of the stage...I appreciated the immense talent on display in that performance. I look forward to seeing the new directions your work takes. Thank you so much for bringing such a moving and thought provoking work to our community."~ Deeana Copeland Klepper  Chair, Department of Religion  Associate Professor of Religion and History  Boston University



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